Fellowship Awards

Fellowship Awards

The Foundation's Fellowship Award Program supports clinically-relevant, student-initiated research in orthotics and prosthetics (O&P). Fellowship Award funding is designated for graduate students who are currently enrolled in a master's and/or PhD educational programs. One-year fellowships of up to $5,000 are given on an annual basis. Fellowship funds are intended to be used for expenses related directly to the conduct of the proposed research project and are not to be used for tuition, books, or supplies required for the student's coursework. The Foundation reserves the right to reduce the terms of the award, both in time and in funds, as deemed appropriate by the scope of the proposed research. 

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for award consideration, applicants must be be currently enrolled in a Master's or PhD educational program in the United States. Fellowships will be reviewed and scored by scientific and/or clinical experts selected by the Foundation's Research Committee. All Fellowship Award applications are scored based on criteria in three main areas: (1) Relevance of the research topic; (2) Merit of the research design; and (3) Appropriateness of the personnel and environment. Details of the review criteria can be found in the Technical Review Form

How to Apply 

Award Cycle Information

The following are key dates and deadlines for the Foundation's Fellowship Award Program. Fellowship Award application materials must be received by 5:00pm Eastern Time on the posted deadline.Applicants are responsible for ensuring all materials are received by the Foundation by the dates listed below. 

* Note: award notification and funding disbursement dates may be affected by the number of applications.  

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about Fellowship Awards, please contact Manisha Bhaskar at (202) 380-3663 or info@oandpfoundation.org.