The Orthotics and Prosthetics Foundation for Education and Research (The O&P Foundation) was formed in 2022 through the historic merger of the Orthotics and Prosthetics Education and Research Foundation (OPERF) and the Center for Outcomes and Learning / Evidence-Based Practice (COPL), two pioneering organizations in the O&P field that were dedicated to supporting researchers, students, and educators through grants, scholarships, and awards. Below you will find a history of awards made by The O&P Foundation, OPERF, and COPL over the last two decades. 


ABC Orthotist & Prosthetist Scholarships (2022 - )


Caitlin Bowman

University of Pittsburgh

Abby Citterman

Northwestern University

Olivia Collavo

Northwestern University

Kira Nicole Donnelly

University of Texas- Southwestern Medical Center 

Patrick Elsekh

Loma Linda University

Bianca Elisabeth Hill 

Baylor College of Medicine 

Amanda Kemper

Northwestern University

Alexander Klein

Kennesaw State University 

Audra Lena Koopman 

University of Washington

Taylor Willis

University of Texas- Southwestern Medical Center 


Michael Cooper

Kennesaw State University

Hali Nicole Crellin

University of Texas Southwestern

Emily Dow

University of Hartford

Abigail Dykema

Baylor College of Medicine

Benjamin Hollnagel

Northwestern University

Prosthetics-Orthotics Center

Denise Hull

Baylor College of Medicine

Leah Karels

Baylor College of Medicine

Leslie Martinez

Northwestern University

Prosthetics-Orthotics Center

Kalee Owens

Concordia University-St Paul/

Century College

Samuel Franklin Ray

Northwestern University

Prosthetics-Orthotics Center


Lauren Brousseau

University of Washington


Daniel Gieselman

Eastern Michigan University


Gabrielle Griffith

University of Texas Southwestern


Lauren Jensen

California State University, Dominguez Hills


Sophia Mancini

Eastern Michigan University


Paul Mindemann

California State University, Dominguez Hills


Kaleigh Neely

Eastern Michigan University


Kaela O'Leary

Florida International University


Anna Stark

Eastern Michigan University


Emily Grace Tully

Baylor College of Medicine

ABC Orthotist & Prosthetist Diversity Scholarships (2022 - )


Jessika Abril Amaya

University of Washington

Elena L. Chen

Florida International University/ INternational Institute of Orthotics and Prosthetics

Janet Trujillo

California State- Dominguez Hills

John C. Ugwu

Eastern Michigan University 


Adesua Ojeifoh

Kennesaw State University

Martin Portillo Ortuno

University of Texas Southwestern

Daniela Phillips

University of Washington

Ximena Vargas

University of Washington


Keyaira Crudup

Baylor College of Medicine

Matthew Ho

Baylor College of Medicine

Mario Jimenez-Padilla

California State University, Dominguez Hills

Taushima Nixon

Alabama State University

ABC Resident Travel Awards (2022 - )


Jessit Smit, CPO

Metabolic Cost of Walking During Steady and NOn Staedy State Tests in Persons with Lower lImb Amputations.


Bria Collins

Examining the influence of clinical characteristics of new transtibial amputees on the clinical workflow for prosthesis delivery

ABC Student Poster Prizes (2022 - )


First Prize

Grunst, MM, Grylicki, KM, Porucznik PM, and Beattie, W (Northwestern University) 

Faculty Advisor: Major M.

Effects of Prosthetic Design Features on Osteoarthritis Risk in the Sound Limb: A Scoping Review. 

Second Prize

Wilbert, J, Chang, M, Record, J, Vanderwerf, D, and Bretl, S (Alabama State University) 

Faculty Advisor: Vazquez A.

Exposure to Orthotics and Prosthetics in Undergraduate Kinesiology Students in the Southern United States. 

Third Prize

Comstock, B, Fuhrmark, R, and Trujillo, J (California State- Dominguez Hills) 

Faculty Advisor: Kamyab, M.

Tensile Strength of Bio-polyethylene and recycle Polyethylene as Alternative Materials for Ankle Foot Orthoses.


First Prize

Kristen John, Madison Nastruz, and Ross Kelly (Northwestern University)

Faculty Advisor:  Mathew Major, PhD

The effects of prosthesis mechanical properties on balance in unilateral transtibial prosthesis users: a literature review

Second Place

Shelby Rose Shelman, Christa Berry, Riley Greer, and Ellyson Martens (California State University Dominguez Hills)

Faculty Advisor:  Julie Werner, PhD

Gross motor development in children with lower limb differences

Third Place

Jessica Townsend and Gracie Rink (Eastern Michigan University)

Faculty Advisors:  Rebecca Spragg, MSPO, CPO

Functional priorities of caregivers and their children with neuromuscular disorders: a literature review


First Prize

Emily Mueller (Northwestern University)

Faculty Advisor:  Mathew Major, PhD

A literature review on the effects of slope-adaptive prosthetic feet on gait performance in unilateral transtibial prosthesis users

Second Place

Sophia Mancini and and Shannon Everly (Eastern Michigan University)

Faculty Advisor:  Frank Fedel, MS

Enhancing O&P education with unlimited access to gait analysis using virtual reality

Third Place

Kitty Lackey (Eastern Michigan University)

Faculty Advisors:  Frank Fedel, MS and Nathan Kerns, CPO

Sustainable material alternatives for prosthetic sockets

Chester Haddan Scholarships (2023- )


Kira Nicole Donnelly

Tamarack Award (2022 -)

James Wynne, CPO, FAAOP

Fillauer Award (2024 -)

Kate Allyn LCPO, FAAOP

Thranhardt Award (2023 -)

2023                                                                                                                                                                                                       Andreas Kannenberg, PhD                                                                                                                                                                    Matthew Wernke, PhD                                                                                                                                                                          Shane Wurdeman, PhD

Educator Awards (2022 - )


Darren Wiens, MS, CPO, BOCO

Small Grant Awards (2023)


Geoffrey Balkman, PhD, CPO

Incorporating wearable activity monitors into orthotic care for patients with knee OA

Pilot Grant Awards (2022)


Lisa Abernethy, MSPO, CPO, LPO 

Cosmetic only? Assessing the long term non-cosmetic outcomes of positional cranial deformities

Max Hurwitz, DO

Identifying barriers to care following lower extremity limb loss using a human centered framework


COPL Awards (2009 - 2022)


Bretta Fylstra, PhD

Evaluating prosthesis provision patterns and clinical outcomes across the United States with respect to level of community distress for individuals with lower limb amputation


Sarah Chang, PhD

Integrating outcome measure data collection with the National Limb Loss and Preservation Registry


Bretta Fylstra, PhD

Rates of lower limb amputation based on healthcare spending and provision of diabetic footwear among Medicare beneficiaries with diabetic foot ulcer


Jennifer Richards, CPO, MA(Ed)

Treatment outcomes following orthotic interventions for pectus carinatum


Joshua Burns, PhD

Feasibility of smart ankle-foot orthoses with embedded wearable sensors to measure real-world function and compliance in childhood

Cole Cheney, MD

Sciatic block in contralateral limb for treatment of refractory phantom and residual limb pain; a triple-blind randomized crossover controlled trial

John Chomack, MS

Advanced wearable fitness tracker for individuals with transtibial amputation: A feasibility study using the Oura Ring

Michael Dillon, PhD

Closing an evidence-practice gap: Exploration of the barriers and facilitators influencing use of telehealth for orthotic/prosthetic services in the United States of America

Graci Finco, CPO-L

Wearable sensors in prosthetic practice: Can walking symmetry supplement clinical measures to assess fall risk?

Szu-Ping Lee, PhD

Socioeconomical disparities on post-amputation outcomes in individuals with lower limb amputation

Edward Garrett Jr., MD

Investigating mobility and prosthetic utilization outcomes in patients with lower limb amputation and vascular comorbidities under physician-led collaborative care model

Cody McDonald, PhD

Racial bias in orthotics and prosthetics

Taavy Miller, PhD

Do corrective scoliosis TLSOs fabricated using 3D scanning show a greater percentage of in-brace curve correction compared to TLSOs fabricated from a traditional casting method of image capture?

Andrew Sawers, PhD

Improving documentation of falls in people living with lower limb amputation: Reconstructing fall events with the Lower Limb Prosthesis User Fall Survey

Fanny Schultea, CPO-L

Controlled intervention study of community-based rehabilitation for people with amputation in the Houston, Texas Area

Shane Wurdeman, PhD

Care patterns and total cost of care associated with diabetic foot ulcer and lower limb amputation among Medicare beneficiaries: A 5-year cohort analysis



Sarah R. Chang, PhD

Develop evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for vacuum-assisted socket suspension systems


Jonathan D. Day

Non-invasive method for quantifying progress of healing after transtibial amputation: a pilot study


Michael Dillon, PhD

Describe the population receiving orthotic/prosthetic services using telehealth, and their experience and satisfaction with those services


Erik Hansen, MD

The effect of osteoarthritis bracing on community involvement, a pilot study


Natalie Harold, CPO

Development of a Customizable Outcome Measures Electronic Toolkit (COMET)


Rebecca M. Miro, PhD, CP, MBA, CRA

Prosthetic, functional, and clinical outcomes among female amputees: A scoping project to include a systematic review and 10-year retrospective record review of female Veterans with limb loss



Leigh Clarke, B.PO, MPH

Patient and payor perspective of the benefit of prosthetic interventions and services: informing measures for future health economic evaluations


Reza Safari, PhD

Activity, mobility, social functioning, mental health and quality of life outcomes in limited mobility transfemoral and knee disarticulation amputees using microprocessor-controlled knees or non-microprocessor controlled knees in the United Kingdom: A cohort study


Jenny A. Kent, PhD

Vacuum assisted suspension: The effect of residuum-socket interface integrity on perception and control in individuals with a transtibial amputation


Christopher Hovorka, PhD, CPO, LPO, FAAOP

Quality of life, satisfaction, gait and motion control outcomes of articulated passive dynamic, non-articulated passive dynamic and solid ankle foot orthoses in hemiparetic stroke survivors


Geoff Balkman, BA, MS, CPO

Large-scale administration and calibration of a patient-reported item bank for assessing mobility of lower limb orthosis users



Geoff Balkman, BA, MS, CPO

Development of a mobility outcome measure for people who use lower limb orthoses


John DesJardins, PhD

The quantification of containment conditions used for directed growth within infant cranial remolding orthoses: A pilot study


Sun Hae Jang, MSc, CO, FAAOP

Normative values, reliability, and validity of the Global Visual Gait Assessment for measuring orthotic biomechanical outcomes for use in post-stroke patients


Shannon Mathis, PhD

Gait analysis using video: Defining K-Level in lower-limb prosthesis users


Shane Wurdeman, PhD, MSPO, CP, FAAOP

Prospective falls analysis among lower limb prosthesis users- understanding the role of prostheses in reducing fall risk


Eric Weber, CPO, FAAOP

Longitudinal tracking of stability events and AFO compliance among stroke survivors during sub-acute and chronic phases of recovery



Sarah Anderson

Comparison of quality of life in people with partial foot or transtibial amputation


Brian Kaluf, BSE, CP

Hydraulic and microprocessor controlled ankle-foot prostheses for limited community ambulators with unilateral transtibial amputation: Pilot study


Sarah Chang, PhD

A pilot study to evaluate the effects of the hydraulic ankle-foot prostheses on standing and walking in K2-level ambulators


Benjamin Padilla, MD

The effects of a custom pectus carintum orthosis on dosing response and quality of life


Eric Weber, CPO, FAAOP

Mobility and global health among users of lower limb orthoses: The establishment of a national data base


Chris Hovorka, PhD, CPO, LPO, FAAOP

Gait and motion control benefits of custom molded passive-dynamic AFOs versus custom fit carbon composite AFOs in persons with neuromuscular impairment


Kenton Kaufman, PhD

Prevalence, correlates, and risk of prescription drug use and abuse in individuals with above knee amputations



Walter Lee Childers, PhD, MSPO, CP

Stumble recovery mechanisms utilized by people using different types of microprocessor knees


Kenton Kaufman, PhD, PT

Risk factors and costs associated with secondary health conditions of individuals with above-knee amputations


Staci Shearin

Impact of Carbon Fibre AFOs on gait and resulting changes in quality of life across time in persons with PD


Nicholas LeCursi, CO

Relative influence of orthotic support features within an open frame AFO versus a total contact AFO on function, endurance, and activity level in patients with spastic equinovarus secondary to chronic stroke


Ignacio Gaunaurd, PhD, MSPT

Utilizing an innovative Timed-Up-and-Go test for fall risk detection in people with unilateral lower limb loss


Sai Vikas Yalla, PhD

Activity based quality life assessment to compare prostheses with and without microcontrollers in transfemoral amputees


Shane Wurdeman, PhD, MSPO, CP, FAAOP

Improved mobility with lower limb prostheses: the establishment of a national multi-site outcomes database



Fan Gao, PhD

Does vacuum assisted socket system improve knee proprioception and dynamic balance in transtibial amputees?


Jason Highsmith, PT, PhD, CP, FAAOP

Concurrent validation of the Continuous Scale Physical Functional Performance Test (CS PFP-10) in transfemoral amputees


Jason Kahle, MSMS, CPO, FAAOP

Transfemoral interfaces with vacuum assisted suspension comparison of biomechanics using the CAREn: Ischial containment versus brimless


Walter Lee Childers, PhD, MSPO, CP

The world is not flat:  Justifying prosthetic feet with multi-axial features being used on uneven terrain

Goeran Fiedler, PhD, CPO

Physiologic range of step-by-step variations in lower limb prosthesis forces during walking

Dennis E. Clark, CPO

Comparison of post-operative care following trans-tibial amputation


Silvia Raschke, PhD

The impact of step targeting during normal gait for persons wearing either a SACH or a dynamic response foot

Nicoleta Bugnariu, PT, PhD

Performance and evaluation of dynamic response feet

Noah J. Rosenblatt, PhD

The influence of vacuum-assisted suspension on clinical outcomes in lower limb amputees

Vibhor Agrawal, PhD

Determining efficacy of dynamic response prosthetic feet in K-level 3


Jason Maikos, PhD

Biomechanical and functional evaluation of a microprocessor controlled knee paired with a powered ankle-foot prosthesis

Sean Deeny, PhD

Cognitive workload during prosthetic use: A quantitative EEG measure

Jeffrey Heckman, DO

Functional level change in persons following transfemoral amputation

Laurent Frossard, PhD

Effects of prosthetic components on functional outcomes of individuals with lower limb loss


Christopher Hovorka, MS, CPO, LPO, FAAOP

Influence of the rocker profile in an orthosis-footwear combination to modulate neuromuscular behavior


Christopher Hovorka, MS, CPO, LPO, FAAOP

Exploiting lower limb orthotic constraint of movement as a strategy for neuromuscular recalibration

Fan Gao, PhD

Investigation of prosthetic socket interface pressure: effects of suspension types and socket alignment


Robert Kistenberg, CPO

Comparison of liner assisted suspensions in transtibial prosthetics

Geza Kogler, PhD
Functional outcomes of a custom, energy, harvesting ‘bullfrog’ AFO

Andrew Sawers, CPO

Estimation of the axis at rotation position in non-articulated energy storage and return prosthetic foot-ankle mechanism

OPERF Small Grant Awards (2009 - 2022)


Megan Sions, PT, DPT, PhD

Can comorbidity screening and referral by prosthetists enhance post-amputation care?



Kinsey Herrin, MSPO, C/LPO, FAAOP

Enabling meaningful community ambulation in individuals post-stroke through the use of a smart hip exoskeleton



Cody McDonald, PhD, MPH, CPO

Defining success in lower limb prosthetics: Which outcomes matter most?



Laura Miller, PhD, CP

A pilot investigation to determine if pathogens are present on gel liners worn by amputees



Goeran Feidler

Investigating prosthesis users' accommodation time to changes in prosthetic componentry



Shannon Mathis, PhD

Feasibility of underwater treadmill training to improve mobility and disability in unilateral, transtibial amputees



Andrew B. Sawers, CPO, MSPO, PhD

Validation of a novel beam-walking test to assess fall risk in people with lower limb amputation



Elisa Arch, PhD

Can clinical measures predict real-world walking performance in adults with transfemoral and transtibial amputations?



Brian Hafner, PhD

Enhancing quality, utility, and interpretability of self-report outcome measures for prosthetic applications: psychometric evaluation of reliability, mode-of-administration equivalence, measurement error, and detectable change


Kim Seok Hun, PT, PhD

Gait adaptation in transfemoral amputees using split-belt treadmill training



Larissa Pavone, MD & Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO (Hons)

Improving lower extremity orthotic management of children with cerebral palsy



Kinsey Herrin, MSPO, LPO, CPO & Mark D. Geil, PhD

Minimizing bracing in the treatment of idiopathic toe walking: A randomized controlled trial to compare functional outcomes after treatment with an articulated ankle foot orthosis and a rigid carbon fiber footplate



Jason Wening, MS, CP, BEO

Effects of the Össur AFO Dynamic and a custom fabricated Polymer AFO on the gait of acute hemiplegic CVA subjects



Joan Sanders, PhD

Does too big a socket increase residual limb volume fluctuation?

OPERF Fellowship Awards (2009 - 2022)


Satria Ardianuari, MS, BSPO

The effect of side load carriage on hip power and inter-limb weight transfer during gait in indivdiuals with unilateral transtibial amputation



Alivia Reiche, COF

Effectiveness of Wii-Fit U balance training in the lower extremity amputee compared to existing CAREN VR training data



Elizabeth Halsne, CPO, PhD

Comparison of gait biomechanics and commercial feet and emulated feet using a robotic prosthetic foot emulator in people with transtibial amputation


Chelsey Anderson, CPO, FAAOP

Developing a clinical decision aid for prosthetic design



Amanda Shorter, MS

Ankle-foot prosthesis stiffness optimization to reduce gait compensations


Katrina Henrikson

Development and validation of a finite element model to evaluate the stance-phase mechanics of a crossover prosthetic foot



Kyle Leister

Foot temperature differences between individuals with type II diabetes and transtibial amputation and individuals with type II diabetes without amputation



Jessica Zistatsis, BS

Evaluating the efficacy of a passive pediatric exoskeleton to improve walking ability in children with cerebral palsy



Gary Louis Wall, CFo, C.Ped

A novel thermoelectric cooled prosthetic system



Corin Shirley

Effects of shoes on the mechanical properties of prosthetic feet utilized in tropical countries



Sara Peterson, MS, CPO, FAAOP

Functional electrical stimulation use in trans-tibial amputations: a pilot study



Erin Boutwell, MS

How prosthesis stiffness influences impact forces during an in vivo impact and level walking



Christopher Baschuk, BS

Validation of alternative posterior attachments for upper limb figure of eight harnessing


Shane Wurdeman, CP, MSPO

Quantifying stride-to-stride fluctuations in amputee gait: Implications for improved outcomes



Daniel Abrahamson, CPO

The effect of elevated vacuum versus suction suspension on daily volume fluctuation in the transtibial residual-limb


Angelika Zissimopoulos, MS

Mediolateral stability in post-stroke hemiplegic gait: dynamic influences of ankle-foot-orthoses and torso-weighting



Sarah Koehler, MS

Transfemoral amputee gait as it relates to prosthetic alignment


Andrew Sawers, CPO

Estimation of the axis of rotation position in non-articulated energy storage and return prosthetic foot-ankle mechanisms: Implications for prosthetic foot efficiency and motor control strategies in unilateral transtibial amputees

OPERF/ABC Resident Travel Awards (2015 - 2022)


Emily Hurst, MPO, CP

Temporospatial changes due to adding mass on a transfemoral prosthesis


Kiley Armstrong

Effects of upper limb prosthesis use on lower limb gait dynamics

Sheila Pach

Clinical evaluation of a novel low-cost voluntary closing prosthetic hand


Samantha Stauffer

The impact of chronic low back pain pre- and post-amputation among adults with lower limb loss


Landon Davis, MSPO

Initial development and testing of a novel, low-cost prosthetic socket to be used in low-income areas with limited resources

Brian Kerns, MSPO

Testing durability of 3D printed prosthetic sockets using dye penetrant testing

Joey Zisk, MSPO

Effect of prosthetic ankle-foot repositioning on transtibial socket pressures during ramp walking


Diana Pressney, CO, MPO

Effect of virtual reality immersion on phantom limb pain and phantom limb sensation



Cassandra Delgado, CO

Ability of pygmalion effect to reduce non-compliance and improve orthotic outcomes in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

Sarah Hutchinson, CPO

Comparison of thigh muscle localization between individuals with a transfemoral amputation and intact limbs

Rachael Rosen, CO

The effect of body mass index on in-brace correction obtained by a boston-style scoliosis TLSO in patients diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: A retrospective review


Kyle Barrons, CPO, MSOP

Biomechanical effects of adding a flat region to constant radius rocker bottom shoes



Tyler Klenow, MSOP, CPT-ACSM

A functional comparison of a carbon fiber AFO and two modular KAFO conditions using outcome measures


Dana Schack, CP

Functional electrical stimulation for patients with Parkinson’s disease: A case study


Michael Socie

Comparison between a novel magnetic locking interface and a pin Locking system for suspension of lower limb prostheses

OPERF Resident Travel Awards (2009 - 2014)


Marisa Berkowitz

An assessment of outcomes of prefabricated carbon composite AFOs in a rehabilitation setting: a preliminary report


Beth Halsne, CPO

Clinical administration of a standardized outcome measure for patient satisfaction



Abbey Meyer, LO

Effect of compliance counseling on brace success in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a preliminary report


Megan Zachar, MSPO, CO

Treatment options and outcomes for lower extremity bone tumors in children: a literature review



John Frederick, CO/LO, BEP

Transtibial amputee's ability and knowledge of socket management and the relationship to the educational needs of amputees


Brock Sande, CP

Using gait analysis to compare the biomechanical effects of AFOs designed with a solid ankle versus afos designed with a compression heel



Richard Hunsaker

A review of current literature studying the use of functional electrical stimulation for foot drop



Brian Ardnt

Case study: use of a partial foot prosthesis under elevated vacuum 

OPERF Fillauer Prizes (2014 - 2022)


Ryan J. Caldwell, LP, FAAOP



Shane R. Wurdeman, PhD, MSPO, CP, FAAOP



Donald R. Cummings, CP, LP, FAAOP



Phillip M. Stevens, MEd, CPO, FAAOP

OPERF Tamarack Prizes (2009 - 2022)


Jonathan Naft, CPO, LPO



Thomas Gavin, CO



Don Katz, CO, LO, FAAOP



Gary Horton, CO, FAAOP

OPERF Educator Awards (2010 - 2022)


Joshua B. Utay, MEd, CPO, LPO



Daniel Lee, PT, DPT, GCS

Ashley Mullen, MSAT, CPO, LPO



Chris Hovorka, MS, CPO, LPO, FAAOP

Sara Peterson, CPO, CFM, MBA, FAAOP

Nathan Sutti, CPO, CTPO, LPO



Sara Peterson, MBA, CPO, CFM



Christopher Hovorka, MS, CPO, LPO, FAAOP

Christopher Robinson, MBA, CPO, ATC

OPERF-ABC Student Award for Academic Achievement (2015 - 2021)


Lynden Brown

Samuel Bryne

Meghan Criswell

Megan D'Apice

Stasia Iwuc

Emily Lipski

Alexander Miller

Katherine Turnage

Jaclyn Webster



Nicolette Chamberlain-Simon

Myrriah Laine Dyreson

Katelyn Kahle

Daicy Luo

Noah Molter

Ashley Ronvik

Kimberly Rowe

Emily Shannon

Conrad Slater

Cas Weston



Jordan Biagi

Eric Brighton

Kiera Daigle

Jenna Neugebauer

Jorian Ordway

Helenlyn Popescu

Maximilian Spencer



Sarah Cheever

Emily Chizmar

Rebecca Sari Cook

Kierra Falbo

Rebecca Frost

Paco Galvan

Spencer Leckrone, BS

Maria Lesieutre

Ciera Price

Roger Rose

Jacalyn Sickels



Zachary Block

David Boe

Taylor Hildebrand

Mitchell Himmel

Lonnica Johnson

Chui-Miin Lee

Steven Ogi

Mark Tovar

David Ben Wright

Samatha Wright



Kathleen Carroll

Alexander Carter

Yonadav Diamond

Cassandra Delgado

Nora Doyle

Christian Estoquia

Mary Littrell

Ashley Muller

Jonathan Peurach

Kara Smith

OPERF Student Awards (2010 - 2014)


Nina Bondre, BS

Scott Bretl

Allison Cerutti

Nicholas Sellas, Cped

David Trevisan



Colin Ashmore

Connie Chien

Allison Farnham

Steven Francis

Shawna Kelly

Matthew Manges

Jeremy Migner



Darren Bolger

Gloria Cho

Timothy Kunz

Kyle Rasmussen

Scott Thach, BSME



Christopher Baschuk

Lisa Hufman

Caniel Marler

Allison Ruta

Elizabeth Selgrade



Tyler Dunham

Chrysta Irolla

Seamus Lawler, CP

Patrick Stempski