Mentored Pilot Research Grant

The O&P Foundation's Mentored Pilot Grant is a one-year award in the amount of $5,000. This award is intended to help trainees (e.g., masters/doctoral students, orthotics and prosthetics residents) or orthotics and prosthetics clinicians to complete a research project with the guidance of an experienced research mentor. The Mentored Pilot Grant funds are intended to be used for the conduct of the proposed research project. The Mentored Pilot Grant is awarded annually, and awards are based on the scientific merit of the proposed research project.

Eligibility Requirements


Mentored Pilot Research Grant will be reviewed and scored by scientific and/or clinical experts selected by the O&P Foundation's Research Committee. All applications are scored based on criteria in three main areas: (1) Relevance of the research topic; (2) Merit of the research design; and (3) Appropriateness of the personnel and environment. The O&P Foundation Review outlines the scoring criteria.

How to Apply 

Create an account in The O&P Foundation Application Portal, then select theMentored Pilot Research Grantprogram application and follow portal instructions.


Award Cycle Information

The following are key dates and deadlines for the O&P Foundation's Mentored Pilot Award Program.  Application materials must be received by 5:00pm Central Time on the posted deadline. Applicants are responsible for ensuring all materials are received by the O&P Foundation by the dates listed below. 



If you have any questions about the Mentored Pilot Research Grant Award, please email or email The O&P Foundation Research Chair directly at